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How it all started and why we are here!

One surprisingly cool summer night in Nagpur, three hungry friends sitting on the terrace decided to order for some good food. After a lot of phone calls and searching on the internet they couldn't really come up with a place which could provide them with good food at that time."Only if we were in a metro city!". They decided to come up with a solution for people to satisfy their hunger pangs just through clicks of a few buttons and decided to come up with Zaikart. They focused on 4 major factors which today are the pillars at Zaikart : Simple process , delectable food, good experience and being on time. Zaikart focuses on how can it make the experience of the customer more pleasurable, exciting and satisfactory. We are heading out on a mission to serve some of the best tasting Indian food you've had in Nagpur right at your doorstep. With just a few clicks or a phone call away we will make sure that our customers get an unforgettable experience in terms of taste and service. Please give us the opportunity to provide one of the best experiences you have ever had!